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What is Birth Photography?

It is intended to capture the journey into parenthood, the story behind that journey and all the raw emotions that come with that. How the mother was supported by her family/friends during labor, the little details of the room, the looks on the parents faces when they see their new baby for the first time and those precious first moments spent looking at and bonding with that perfect little creation. It is the captured moments of a couple becoming a family or a family growing by one more. The photos from this journey are just as important if not more so than the ones from the wedding day. As with wedding photography, this type of photography should be viewed as an investment in the lifelong memories that the images will bring for this life defining moment.

If having a birth photographer present at your birth just isn't for you but you still desire to have newborn photos captured shortly after the birth, check out the FIRST 48 Session

Birth Session Packages

All packages include an in-person consultation prior to booking to discuss expectations, address any concerns, go over your birth plan and review the session agreement. 

Simply Birth

Unlimited coverage for labor and delivery

On-call 24/7 beginning your 37th week

USB drive of images with print release


Birth Story Collection

Unlimited coverage for labor and delivery

On-call 24/7 beginning your 37th week

USB drive of images with print release

Mini (30 min) Maternity session with 5 digitals

Birth Story DVD slideshow set to music


Belly, Birth and Baby Collection

Unlimited coverage for labor and delivery

On-call 24/7 beginning your 37th week

USB drive of images with print release

Full (1 hr) Maternity session with 10 digitals 

Birth Story DVD slideshow set to music

In-studio Styled Newborn Session


My goals as your photographer are:

Get to know you ahead of time. I want you to feel completely comfortable before hiring me to photograph one of the most intimate and defining moments in your life.  

Photograph in an unobtrusive and professional manner.

Capture the story of your labor and delivery journey as well as those precious moments after you have been given the chance to hold your new baby for the very first time. 

Deliver your images in the order of how each moment occurred so you can look back and relive each moment as it happened. 

If you are considering hiring a birth photographer, I would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your expectations, go over any concerns and to get a head start on getting to know each other.

Click here for commonly asked questions and answers related to birth photography

I am currently accepting only 2 births per month. If you are interested in a birth session, please contact me for availability. 

À la Carte Pricing

8x8 Birth Story Album imprinted with name and birth date - Starting at $349

 8x8 Hardcover Birth Story Photo Book -$149

DVD Slideshow set to music & custom case - $149

Additional DVD slideshow without case - $49

Additional USB Drive of images - $49

7.25% sales tax added to listed pricing.

Cash, Check & Credit Cards accepted

Payment plans accepted

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